Hello and welcome to the New Walking Club! Our goal is fitness and we can’t wait to get started! Although we did wait to get started. We waited until December. But when it comes to getting in shape, the Walking Club offers endless opportunity! And in our case, endless opportunity ends January 1st.

Here’s how it works: the Walking Club will take place every Tuesday and Thursday, except for Christmas, and every month not December. That leaves eight whole Walking Club opportunities! Please note: we will not walk on rainy days or snowy days. Please note the forecast: Dec 1-2: Heavy rain; Dec 3-5: Heavy rain; Dec 6-13: Rain to snow; Dec 14-April: Stormy, rain and snow, snowy, rain.

In addition we will not meet on days when the temperature is below 35 degrees at 6:30 am. Please note: the average temperature at 6:30 am is 33 degrees.

We will meet at the trailhead gate that crosses the railroad tracks. Please note: We will not meet if there is a freight train parked at the trailhead gate. Please Note: winter freight trains park at the trailhead gate from midnight through June.

Sponsored by HealthyLifeNow. Or, you know, HealthyLifeNextSpring. See you then!

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