Bossy is going to tell you about her dream because people love when you do that.

Okay. It took place last night. In the dream, Bossy got a puppy. But not just any puppy, it was a cross between a daddy longlegs spider and a stick figure drawn by an embryo:

Bossy soon realized that although her puppy seemed to have the constitution of a blouse fiber, it did in fact need the typical puppy things, such as food and water and relieving itself out of doors:

At first Bossy seemed to be meeting the challenges of her new docile puppy, who Bossy flanked during its daily routines, hoping the wind wouldn’t kick up:

But then the puppy developed more energy as puppies do, and it wanted to run off alone for great distances, its indecipherable form impossible to track with Bossy’s naked eye.

Bossy weighed the benefit of slipping her puppy into a baggie with something to eat, but she quickly realized the puppy needed certain creature comforts. Such as air:

Only when Bossy’s puppy took off like a tissue across a windswept plain with no hope of catching it did Bossy realize she should have built a fish tank for her puppy! Absent the water. And the fish. Because Bossy’s puppy would have been happy within this safe ecosystem. Assuming Bossy could fashion a lid impervious to her puppy’s escape.

But just then Bossy woke up.

Bossy can sum up what her puppy dream means in this way: Bossy wants something that feels tenuous and hard to contain.

Which is what today’s Ten-Word Challenge is all about. In exactly ten words, can you tell Bossy about one of your dreams, or the meaning of one of your dreams? Or you can analyze Bossy’s dream!

And be sure to check back later for the best Dream Analysis on the web!

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