Georgia Getz is an acclaimed essayist, novelist, screenwriter, and director. No wait – that’s Nora Ephron. But Georgia Getz dreamed of one day becoming these things and more – just as soon as she finished college. At the age of thirty-five.

In the meantime she wrote several un-acclaimed essays, TV pilots, and screenplays – and raised two children and one humor blog: i am bossy.

You’ll find Getz’s name featured on the cover of the finest magazines – right on the subscription tag. In her free time she enjoys snowboarding, ice hockey, and surfing. No wait – that’s John Cusack. Either way, Getz lives in the burbs where she primps for the eventual photo shoot.
Depending on the kindness of mediocrities, i am bossy is not an advice blog. It’s not a mom blog, or a political blog. It is the whimsical, scattershot effort of Georgia Getz. The format is cute but has no teeth. Always directionless, we don’t know where it’s going – but we do know it’s not worth the fare or time to get there.

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