Mar 13, 2008

Bossy Promises This Isn’t One Of Those Blogs That Talk Incessantly About Yoga Pants.

Because today Bossy would like to talk about Jeans. Yesterday she found
this article which focuses on the importance of selecting a pair of jeans that match your body type, so for instance if you are petite you should try to elongate your body with tight-fitting legs and a lengthy boot cut, and if you’re full-figured you should go for a dark denim wash and a slight flare, and if you’re built like a boy you should eat a stack of donuts and keep quiet.

Bossy became particularly intrigued with the description of the Pear-shaped figure and the dark, wide-leg jeans that minimize the effect. The article suggests that certain clothing companies do this best—such as Seven, Joe, DKNY, and the Gap.

Well Bossy looked up these companies, and she found this:


And she found this:


And she found this:


Could someone please explain to Bossy why jeans that are designed to fit
big bottoms are modeled by tongue depressors?

Because as far as Bossy can see, the only way a pear is going to fit into any of these jeans is if that pear is sliced thin and baked in a galette. With chocolate sauce.

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